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Club Insurance

Dough. Paper. Stacks. Moolah. Money. Call it what you wish. We’ll keep more of it in your pocket.

We understand how expensive it is to protect your clubs. From valet to the VIP room, and every square foot in between, clubs have a unique set of liabilities that pose risks to your profits. Nightclub insurance policies aren’t all equal. We know how to save you money and protect your assets with policies made for your industry. We specialize in saving you money by:

  • Working with a broker who knows your industry and who makes you a priority. We’ve spent years working alongside everyone from industry executives, to first-time operators, to skilled advisors in the club industry.
  • We are recognized by ACE as a top-ranked provider. Our relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry act as a testimony to the value of our services.


Be wary of endorsements and exclusions; you may be paying a lot for a few pieces of paper if the coverage you need is excluded. For example, an Assault and Battery exclusion or a Firearms exclusion can cost you extra premium dollars each year, but if a claim situation occurs, you’ll be left footing the bill. 

Customized Insurance Solutions


As a business owner, you have enough on your mind without having to worry about your insurance needs. We will design a program tailored to protect your unique business, saving you time and understanding that every dollar counts.

Brewery and Club

With customized coverage solutions tailored to the unique business risks that your industries face, from the taproom to the VIP room we’ve got you covered. We are craft brewery and club insurance experts and client-service focused agents who identify gaps in your standard business policy to ensure can take complex industry jargon and policy language, and boil them down into comprehensible and comprehensive business strategy that make good sense for you and the future of your business.


Home is where you hang your hat, create happy memories with family and friends, and rest your head at the end of each day. We understand that home is more than just a house, and help you protect all the precious things inside of it.


We’re in the business of protecting people. Plain and simple. You work hard for your dreams. Our passion is helping you safeguard your most valuable asset – your life – so that you can focus on living it.


Accidents happen. So do hail, theft, and vandalism. Though we hope you never have to use it, good car insurance is there to protect you against the unexpected on the road. We compare quotes from top carriers, so you know you’re getting a great deal on the best coverage.


None of us plans to get sick or hurt. Quality health insurance protects you from the unexpected. We can help you choose a plan that matches your lifestyle and your medical needs – present and future.