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Winterize your Home & Business – Be Prepared

By September 24, 2020No Comments
Winterize your Home and Business

October is almost here and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about winterizing your homebusiness.

Before the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, there’s some simple prep work to be done around your home and business that will help you get prepared for the cold months ahead. These easy tasks can make a big difference in how comfortable your home or office is, and can save you money in the long run on your energy bills. You can probably tackle most of these tasks on your own, without the need to hire professional help. By walking through the checklists below, you’ll be proactively decreasing issues that could arise and end up being much more costly in the future. 

Winterize your Home

Your home is one of your most important and costly assets. Make sure you are prepared to protect it during the harsher months ahead. Start to winterize your home with these easy steps:

  • Fill in any cracks or holes with caulking – decrease air leaks and improve energy efficiency
  • Replace the weather stripping on your windows and doors
  • Change the direction of your ceiling fans
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • Replace the filter in your furnace
  • Test your heating system so that it will work properly when you most need it
  • Give your deck a fresh coat of sealer to protect it from harsh winter elements


Winterize your Business

You must consider the impacts of winter storms on your business and employees.  Be sure to think about both your property and your employees as you prepare for the change of seasons. Safety should be a top priority when planning for the threat of inclement weather conditions. Consider winterizing your business with these easy steps:

  • Make sure you have mats available to absorb moisture from shoes and boots – prevent slip and fall hazards during winter storms
  • Schedule a preventative maintenance tune up on your HVAC system
  • Have the roof and gutters checked, cleaned, and repaired if necessary
  • Review and update your inclement weather closing procedures and action plans and distribute to your teams


Don’t Forget the Outside

While addressing the outside of your home or business will not necessarily help you with energy efficiency and costs, failing to address exterior issues can end up being quite costly in the long run. Make sure you follow these steps to safeguard the outside of your home and business:

  • Prune trees and large plants
  • Stock up on quality sidewalk and driveway/parking lot deicer or salt
  • Make necessary repairs to handrails and steps to mitigate accidents once the inclement weather hits
  • Disconnect hoses from outside faucets
  • Ensure that landscaping and lawns are properly graded to avoid water and ice sitting against your property’s foundation
  • Install or check existing exterior lighting on your property to make sure they are in working order. With decreased daylight, comes decreased visibility and an increased possibility of falls and accidents


The process to winterize your home & business is well worth the small investment of time that it takes. These easy tasks will help you get ahead of schedule (who doesn’t love that?) and be better prepared for those inevitable early season winter storms. 


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