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Camping Summer Safety

mountain camping

The mountains are calling, and we must go!

5 Summer Safety Camping Tips…

As you gear up for a successful camping trip, it is all about preparation – and s’mores, you need those. But truly, setting the dates, planning the route, and packing appropriately all matter. So, from tents to bug spray and songs around the campfire, let’s get you set for a successful adventure under the stars.

1.Actively Safer

Camping and being outdoors is a wonderful summertime activity, especially with a landscape like ours. Hiking, swimming, biking and more, all can be done with safety in mind and with the proper protective equipment: hiking shoes, helmets, and life jackets are a must have to stay protected.

2.Be Sun Wise

Getting your vitamin D in the sunshine is always recommended, but don’t forget the SPF and have layers of light clothing for added sun protection. Even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun rays can still cause sunburn—the air is rare in our altitude, but the sun is not. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses all have a place in your packing.

3.S’mores, please

Probably one of the best parts of any camping trip is memories around the campfire (fire restrictions permitting). But don’t forget to keep your fire contained to a fire pit and at least 15 feet away from objects or trees. Never, ever leave your fire unattended and be sure to put out the flames before turning in for the night.


Anything can happen when you are camping, which is part of the fun, but preparedness is crucial. Pack a first-aid kit, extra water, blankets, and batteries just in case of emergencies or weather incidents. If you own an rv, stay up to date on regular maintenance before hitting the road to help eliminate any roadside surprises.

5. Final tip for campground owners and operators

Your campsite’s features and amenities make your area alluring, but also provide ample opportunity for liabilities. Double check your in-place protections to keep your facility open and user friendly.
With these safety tips in mind, your adventure bound and thinking of safety! As always, be sure to check with your independent insurance agent with any coverage questions or concerns.