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Farmers Market season is approaching: What kind of insurance is in-season?

Farmers Market offerings

Farmers markets are an amazing way to support local farms, and enjoy a lovely morning outdoors, procuring organic treats and artisanal goods. But, while preparing for market season, as an organizer or vendor, let’s look at ways you can eliminate as much risk as possible and your visitors can have a positive experience – be sure to check out a local favorite, the Erie Farmers Market, starting this May!

Protection for vendors

What’s in-season now is planning ahead. From food-borne illnesses to unforeseen contamination, product liability insurance adds a layer of protection, if legal action was pursued. There are other options as well, specifically crafted for farms and considerations to weigh prior to sales.

 It’s always wise to plan for longevity and prosperity so don’t risk the farm, protect your investment – and ensure your customers are taken care of in the process.

Protection for organizers

When hosting an event such as a farmers market, you will need insurance, to safeguard you from liability. Speak with your independent agent about commercial general liability insurance, which offers protection for you as the organizer of the event.

This type of coverage however does not offer protection to your vendors or the attendees of the market. Consider requiring your farmers market vendors to carry insurance that includes product liability and ask for proof of their coverage. To add extra peace of mind, verify that vendors list your hosting organization as an additional insured to their plan.

With proper coverage, your farmers market season will be secured and hopefully, plentiful!

Have questions about coverages? Contact us to prepare for the event season.