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Hit the Slopes with these Skiing Safety Tips

By December 23, 2022No Comments

It’s prime ski season here in Colorado, so we wanted to remind you of some safety tips to keep in mind before you plan your trip. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, snowboarding caused 54,188 emergency department visits in 2011. Excess speed, loss of control and collisions with stationary objects, like a tree or lift tower, are the most common factors associated with fatalities. 

Stay safe on the slopes this season by following the guidelines below. 

Before you go

  • Get in shape for the season, and not just the week before a ski trip; a regular exercise routine will help reduce fatigue and injury 
  • Make sure you have adequate life insurance for peace of mind
  • Purchase or rent quality equipment
    • Seek expert advice when being fitted for boots, bindings, and skis. Improperly fitted gear can cause injury
    • Wear a helmet! 
    • Wear bright colors and dress in water-repellent layers. 
  • Beginners should invest in proper instruction, including learning how to fall and get back up; experienced skiers should take a refresher course 
  • Always know the weather conditions before heading to the slopes; time of day can also affect visibility and make obstacles difficult to see 
  • Study the trail maps ahead of time
  • Never ski alone – always ski with a partner

Once you hit the slopes

  • Give skiers in front of you the right of way; they most likely can’t see you
  • If you have to stop, stop on the side of a run, not in the middle 
  • Look both ways and uphill before crossing a trail, merging or starting down a hill 
  • Use skis with brakes or a snowboard with a leash to prevent runaway equipment 
  • Never ski off the designated trails

Most importantly, we want you to have fun and enjoy ski season while being as safe as possible!