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Spring into action: 5 home maintenance tips

spring front yard with house

Spring is a time to blossom and grow, and for homeowners, it is a time to declutter, clean and prep your home for the warmer months ahead! While refreshing the interior of your home is essential, don’t forget to tend to the exterior as well; performing routine, seasonal maintenance on your greatest asset, your home, can prevent costly surprises later in the year.

Here are some key areas to keep in mind while sprucing up your property, so you can ensure a safe and problem free spring—not added showers (and claims).

Keep looking up

Safely examine the integrity of your roof. A damaged roof can cause extensive and expensive home harm if not properly addressed.  Winter storms may have caused issues and when spring arrives, the rains can be problematic. Be certain to look for missing shingles and any damages or areas that seem questionable; call a licensed roofer to come take a closer look if there are concerns.

Declutter your gutters

While looking upward, it’s the perfect time to ensure your gutters are clear from debris. Removing leaves and clutter from your gutters and downspouts will keep everything draining properly and lessen the effects from spring storms. This can protect your home from water issues and foundation concerns.

Enjoy the view

Peek at your windows and doors. High winds and hail can create cracks in windows or damage door security, which are a home repair that needs attending to. Check the hinges, framing and even screens to keep the elements – and pesky critters, out of your home, so you can enjoy the beauty of the season.

Stop and smell the roses

Inspecting your property’s trees and landscaping for damage, overgrowth, and rot, is a spring “to-do”. It’s also an opportunity to trim back shrubbery or trees that are encroaching near wiring, neighboring property, and potential hazards; then you can plan for spring planting season!


Breathe easier this Spring and keep your home’s furnace running smoothly. Replacing an old filter and having a seasonal service performed on your AC unit before turning it on can prevent problems.  Even when not running during the colder months, problems or damages can occur so it’s best to ensure it is working efficiently before a heat wave arrives.

Spring is also a perfect time to touch base with your independent insurance agent to confirm that you have the coverage that fits your needs and the appropriate amount of homeowners insurance protection in place for peace of mind to enjoy the season…