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Summertime Safety: 5 Tips for a Safer Summer

From staycations to hitting the road, summertime is here; and after last year, we are ready for tons of seasonal fun! Of course, with travel, more outdoor time and celebrations, there are plenty of things to consider beyond grabbing the SPF.

Here are 5 reminders to keep in mind to play it safer this summer…


1. Boom! Fireworks are always a favorite, but even backyard sparklers can cause damage if proper precautions are not taken. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, most firework-related accidents involve burns and injury to extremities. Beyond personal safety, take care of property as well; fireworks can damage your surroundings. Especially in our dry climate, grass and nearby materials are highly flammable. Also, stay aware of local guidelines this season and always supervise children – even with poppers and sparklers.

2. Is there anything better than hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill? It’s a great way to enjoy summer cooking but also a common cause of accidents.  Improper methods cause thousands of injuries annually and can be minimized by keeping your grill at least 10 feet from objects and your home, and never leave it unattended. If using a gas grill, check your propane tank and connection, and finally, let it cool completely before storage.

3. Pools and bodies of water are popular during warmer months, but drowning is quiet and all too common. About half of child drownings take place within 25 yards of an adult and it is recommended to use a Water Watchers system, by designating an adult to monitor kiddos while splashing. Of course, swimming lessons and encouraging caution near the water are always needed as well.

4. Ask for directions, please! When GPS fails, you could be put in dangerous situations.  From miscalculations of distance to the next gas station to bad directions, always have a backup plan. Paper maps are an item to carry, along with emergency water, food, and clothes.

5. The heat is on, and kiddos (or pets) cannot tolerate it for long. Parents can get distracted and tragically, children suffer heat stroke and even fatality. Often it is because kids tend to sit in car seats in the back, so try the teddy bear system! Keep a teddy bear in the child’s safety seat when they are out of the vehicle and when the child’s buckled in, move the bear to the front seat as a reminder that their back seat is occupied. Don’t forget, when the outside temperature reaches 60 degrees, the sun can raise it to 110.6 in a closed car. So, if your dog is coming along, plan for how you’ll keep him cool and his tail wagging too.


Bonus tip for business owners! Don’t forget your “safety” and coverages while venturing back out to sponsor community events. You may need special event insurance coverage that your independent broker can assist with.

So, keep your cool this summer and feel free to ask questions about which protection is best for you!

Contact us to review your coverage this season.