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Wedding Insurance to Protect Your Special Day

By September 20, 2022No Comments

A wedding is one of life’s biggest milestones. Most couples spend significant time and money planning their wedding day.

What happens when unplanned circumstances get in the way of the happily ever after? Unfortunately, without the right insurance coverage, a wedding day disaster could mean losing money or even being liable for a guest’s accident.

Your big day deserves protection.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Thankfully, couples gain peace of mind with special event insurance for their wedding celebrations. Wedding insurance provides coverage options for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. Typically, wedding coverage includes two options: cancellation insurance and liability insurance. You can select between the two or invest in both.

Cancellation Insurance

The disappointment of a canceled wedding brings enough stress. Don’t add a substantial financial loss to the equation. If the caterer goes out of business or a wildfire causes mandatory evacuations, you’ll have protection for your investment.

  • Severe Weather – While you can’t file a claim for a rainy day, coverage extends to catastrophic weather events, like wildfires, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Major Illness or Injury – Coverage typically extends to major injuries or illnesses that impact the attendance of honorees and immediate family.
  • Military Deployment – In the event of unexpected military leave cancellation for an honoree, special event insurance offers reassurance.
  • Vendor Failure – If a contracted vendor fails to provide the agreed services, you have recourse options to recover your investment.

Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, you may be liable for damages if they occur at your wedding events. Also, many venues require proof of liability insurance as part of the vendor contract. Consider adding extra alcohol liability coverage if you plan to serve alcohol at the event.

  • Bodily Injury – Wedding insurance extends to falls, collisions, and other accidents that cause an injury during wedding events.
  • Property Damage – Avoid the risk from damage to the venue or other property, with liability coverage.

Coverage for Better or Worse

Start your new life together on the right path. Special event insurance helps manage your wedding day risks. Say “I do” to wedding insurance!

Pure Risk Advisors connects you with customized insurance solutions. Consider special event insurance if you’re planning a wedding or another special event. To learn more about your options, contact us for a quote.